Composition and Specifications

The Stella Gold Coins have a unique composition within United States coinage, which is indicated in abbreviated form within the obverse inscriptions. Each coin has a total weight of 7 grams, composed of 6 grams of gold, 0.3 grams of silver , and 0.7 grams of copper. This equates to 85.7% gold, 4.3% silver, and 10% copper. The coins carry a diameter of 22 millimeters and have a reeded edge. These specifications are the same regardless of year of issue or design type for Gold Stellas.

Since these pieces were specifically produced as patterns in proof format, the quality is generally good. One thing that should be mentioned is that the planchets were made from rolled gold stock. This results in lightly striated surfaces on many coins, called roller marks, which should not be confused with cleaning. Generally speaking, the less of these marks a coin has the higher it grades. Also thanks to these roller marks few of the known Stella’s are in gem condition. Additionally it is very difficult to find any of these pieces with full cameo or deep cameo on both sides. Pieces that do exhibit these features are much in demand, as are all of these historic patterns.